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Welcome to ACI Heart Net

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the world and nationally with many lives lost and many persons made seriously ill.  However, do you know that we were already in the midst of another global epidemic before COVID-19 arrived?  An epidemic that, according to the WHO and PAHO statistics, will claim greater than five times the number of lives both globally and nationally than COVID-19 will at its worst in 2021.  In addition, while COVID-19 causes mostly temporary illness in its survivors, this other disease causes permanent debilitating consequences in many of its survivors. I am referring to Heart and Cardiovascular Disease.


Think about it, with these grave statistics the epidemic of heart disease clearly should get even more attention than COVID-19.  But while COVID-19 has brought the world and our country to its knees, we continue to largely passively accept the much greater threat posed by heart disease. To make matters worse, many persons have in fact neglected their heart health over the last 18 months out of fear of COVID-19 which will only worsen the impact of this disease.


At Advanced Cardiovascular Institute, we have a passion for caring for the heart health of our nation.  We are the pioneers in advanced private heart care in Trinidad and Tobago since 1998 and more information on our company can be found here.  Given the current grave situation outlined above, we want to do our part in increasing the awareness of prevention and early treatment of heart disease and making world class Heart Care more accessible to a population already suffering through a pandemic.  We recognize that there are two elements to this – one is enhanced patient education, and the other is financial assistance in a depressed economy.  As such we have created a special program to address these two areas which will work as a value-added optional benefit to your current health plan.  


We have called this special program the ACI Heart NetA Safety Net for your Heart.  The features of the program include the following value-added benefits:

  1. Office Place Heart Health Screening – With Blood pressure checks, Cardiac Risk Assessment score, diabetes checks and Discount Vouchers for Cardiologist read ECGs and Cholesterol Tests.

  2. Discounted fast track first Cardiology Consultation with one of our independent American, UK or Canadian Certified Cardiologists within the ACI Heart network at the exact cost covered under your group health plan once you have been referred by a primary care doctor.  There are also primary care doctors within out ACI Heart network

  3. Invitations to scheduled Virtual Patient Education Seminars on topics such as Heart Disease and Hypertension prevention and Heart Attack Awareness and treatment led by the ACI Heart network Cardiologists.

  4. Optional Enrolment in the ACI Heart Net Plus membership program for qualifying employees with a membership card with the following additional benefits (To view FULL list of benefits click here):

a.   Substantially discounted rates for high end heart treatments at ACI such as angioplasty, stenting, 

      pacemakers and electrophysiology procedures.
b.  Rapid access to life saving treatment in the event of a heart attack without administrative delays.

c.  Convenient Payment Plans Options if needed for any Co-Payment costs for heart attack treatment or other

    Cath Lab therapies at ACI.  

If the benefits above weren’t attractive enough, we are offering all of this FREE OF CHARGE to you!!  
We hope that you take advantage of this offer designed to help you get the most from your company’s health plan in order to better look after your heart.  It could save your life.  You have been diligently following the COVID-19 protocols now it's time to give your heart some attention after all there is no vaccine for this disease.


Please feel free to contact us or your HR administrator to answer any questions that you have on this program.  For your convenience we have created a convenient online application for the ACI Heart Net Plus membership program utilizing the link below. 

We certainly look forward to you taking part in our ACI Heart Net Program and in being of service to you and your family as we fight the scourge of Heart and Cardiovascular Disease.


Yours faithfully,

C. Camacho

Christopher Camacho                        

Managing Director

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West Shore Medical Private Hospital, 239 Western Main Road, Cocorite

Tel:  (868) 681-9381

For Emergencies: 800-PAIN



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