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Heart Net Program

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Your heart is the centre of your being and is constantly working for you.  We are there to take care of your heart in your time of need.  The ACI Heart Net membership is our way to make it easier for you to get affordable access to world class preventative and reparative care of this vital organ.


About Heart Net

Advanced Cardiovascular Institute has the longest continuous running Interventional Cardiology program in Trinidad and Tobago. Established in 1998, ACI is the local pioneer of Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology.  Our team has done the most stenting procedures and electrophysiology procedures in the entire English-Speaking Caribbean and our Medical Director has received national and regional awards for his development and evolution of the field of Interventional Cardiology in Trinidad and Tobago.

We offer the most comprehensive range of cutting-edge heart care and general blood circulatory services, covering the full spectrum from acute care, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation of all diseases involving the cardiovascular system.

What is it

We understand that life gets busy and its easy to take the functioning of our heart for granted.  However, the reality is that we are living in the midst of a heart disease epidemic throughout the world and especially in Trinidad and Tobago.  Heart Disease has been and remains the number one cause of death in our country.  In addition, as we live longer, heart failure and related illnesses cause severe disability in many people later in their lives. 

The ACI Heart Net membership is our answer to the challenge of taking better care of your heart and being ready for any problems that might arise.  Through the ACI Heart Net we have tried to arm you with educational information, facilitated access to the top heart specialists for preventative care and early diagnosis.  We also have a membership option for qualifying individuals to the ACI Health Net Plus program which has also offers fast track emergency access to ACI’s heart attack treatment Centre and discounts to all of our treatment options.

Critical to our offering is a 24/7 Heart Attack Response Centre for providing rapid reopening of blocked arteries during a heart attack utilising a technique called primary angioplasty.  This procedure when done within two hours of a heart attack minimizes the damage to the heart and provides proven survival benefits to the heart attack patient.


At ACI, we pride ourselves in providing a level of technological and procedural sophistication that is on par with the most advanced centres in the world, right here in Trinidad and Tobago. At the same time, we never lose focus on the human touch, providing the highest level of care to nurture our patients back to good health.

HeartNet coverage logo-04.png

Join the Heart Net Plus Program


  • Benefits of Membership to the ACI Health Net Plus program

  • Discounted rates for Angioplasty, Stenting and Electrophysiology

  • Online Seminars on Heart Care Topics

  • Heart Health Assessment with Risk Scoring

  • Expedited Appointments to World Class Cardiologists

  • Membership Card for Fast Access to Life Saving Heart Attack Treatment

  • To see our FULL list of benefits CLICK HERE

Sign Up today and get covered!
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