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Equipment & Facilities

At ACI, we utilize cutting-edge technology and tools to reassure you during tumultuous times. We are the only private facility in Trinidad and Tobago with two state of the art cath labs. Both labs use industry leading General Electric angiography systems with all-digital flat detector technology. This technology immediately converts X-ray signals into digital images, avoiding the image distortion and noise that frequently occurs with older systems. The result is remarkably clear images of both the blood vessels and the devices used during cardiac procedures. With the enhanced information provided, cardiologists can better diagnose and treat blockages in the coronary arteries that could cause heart attacks or heart damage. The system also reduces the amount of radiation exposure to patients and staff.

The Labs are described as “Combo” labs since they are equally proficient at doing angiograms of the heart as well as other parts of the body. Both labs are capable of doing digital subtraction angiography (DSA).  In DSA, images of bones or other body structures are digitally removed to give the best view of the blood vessels. We are also able to do three dimensional angiography. In this technique, X-ray images can be taken while the detector is rotating so that blood vessels can be seen from various angles while it is being filled with dye.  

ACI carries the largest stock of catheters, balloons and stents.  The stock includes several brands of the most advanced and clinically proven drug eluting stents which have revolutionized the treatment of heart disease. We are always keeping up with the advancements in cath lab supplies that have been scientifically proven to improve outcomes.  As such we are quick to adopt the latest FDA and CE mark supplies from the top manufacturers in USA and Europe. 

Use the link below to see a photo gallery of our facilities.

Facility Photo Gallery


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