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Heart Attack Centre

ACI has established protocols at West Shore Private Hospital for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients with a heart attack. We are one of the only centres in the Caribbean that can perform emergency angioplasty on a 24/7 basis to restore blood flow during a heart attack. The procedure is called primary angioplasty.  All major international Cardiology societies recommend primary angioplasty as the best available treatment for a heart attack. It has been scientifically proven to result in the least damage to the heart and lowest rates of complications and death from the heart attack. Doctors must however perform primary angioplasty on the patient as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms to get the maximum benefit. It is important therefore that patients go directly to a hospital with this capability when they have heart attack symptoms.

ACI’s heart attack centre is the leading facility in Trinidad and Tobago for heart attack treatment. This is because we have a) the most experienced team, (b) multiple teams for 24/7 rostered response and (c) two cath labs for widest possible cath lab availability.  Very few facilities in Trinidad and Tobago have this level of heart attack treatment.

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