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Angiojet Thrombectomy

Angiojet Thrombectomy is a catheter based procedure used to break apart and remove blood clots within blood vessels in the body. Such blood clots are potentially harmful because they can result in partial or complete blockage of blood flow in the blood vessels which can cause serious damage to organs or result in limb loss and even death.

Angiojet Thrombectomy is much faster and more effective than traditional methods at removing blood clots. As such it is a very important new tool in Trinidad and Tobago for the treatment of this condition.

Angiojet Thrombectomy improves the treatment outcomes for patients who suffer from thrombosis (blood clots) in all major blood vessels including both arteries and veins. Important uses include removing blood clots in the following instances:

  • Within heart arteries after a heart attack
  • Within the arteries in the legs to restore blood flow to help prevent limb loss
  • In the treatment of deep vein thrombosis to prevent migration of the clots to vital organs
  • In the vessels that serve as access points for hemodialysis in patients with kidney failure

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