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Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) is a highly advanced medical imaging technique specifically designed for examining blood vessels.  The IVUS machine uses a tiny probe at the tip of a catheter to take the ultrasound images from within a blood vessel.

IVUS images give exquisite detail of any abnormalities of the walls of the blood vessel.  These abnormalities may cause the obstruction of blood flow.  IVUS is particularly useful for looking at cholesterol deposits called plaques.  The IVUS exam provides clinically relevant information about the extent and characteristics of these plaques.  This information assists doctors in making the best treatment decisions.

IVUS also guides the treatment itself by providing vital information to assist interventional cardiologists before, during and after heart procedures, especially for the selection and proper placement of medical devices such as drug-eluting stents.

It has been clinically proven through various studies (one such study done by Washington Hospital Center) that IVUS offers many benefits for treating complex cases and evaluating complications in high risk patients.

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