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Measurement of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) is a modern, well-validated test for evaluating the medical severity of a blockage within a blood vessel.   The test is performed in a cath lab, usually as part of an angiography study, utilising a special catheter along with equipment designed for the purpose.

When integrated into routine lab procedures, FFR measurement has proven to reduce the incidence of major adverse cardiac events in patients being treated for complex coronary artery disease.

When compared to angiography alone, FFR measurement:

  1. Allows more accurate identification of clinically significant blockages in heart arteries, thereby reducing rates of death, heart attacks and the need for repeat procedures
  2. Improves outcomes and quality of patient life
  3. Lowers procedure-related costs by avoiding unnecessary or repeat treatment

A large international multi-centre trial has shown that the use of FFR in guiding coronary interventional procedures reduced the risk of death, Myocardial Infarction (heart attacks), or repeat revascularization (repeated procedure of previously treated vessels) by 34% when compared with the current practice of using angiography alone to guide stenting decisions.

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